Stamp Duty for Unmortgageable Properties

Did you know that if your second property has been deemed unmortgageable by a mortgage broker, you may be eligible for a stamp duty land tax (SDLT) rebate?

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Claim Back Stamp Duty: Who’s Entitled, and How Do You Claim?

It is said that overpayments in stamp duty to HMRC has amounted to £2 billion in recent years, which has led more and more people to look into how to claim stamp duty back. 

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Stamp Duty Land Tax: The Definitive Guide

Figuring out Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) and whether you need to pay it can be challenging and confusing – especially if you aren’t entirely sure of how it works and what it is. 

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Guide to Stamp Duty on Buy-to-Lets

Stamp duty on buy-to-let investments is one of the main property taxes that gets tinkered with. Though keeping tabs on it might not be your top priority when purchasing a second home, this particularly tricky tax is actually crucial. 

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Stamp Duty on Second Homes: Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’ve just invested in an additional buy-to-let property, are adding to an already impressive portfolio – or have simply bought another house – navigating the rates of stamp duty on second homes can feel like a minefield. 

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P N Bewley VS HMRC

In Bewley v HMRC (2019) the First-tier Tax Tribunal ruled that a bungalow and a plot of land was not suitable for use as a residential dwelling at the effective date of the transaction thus, the higher 3% rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax (“SDLT”) did not apply.

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Stamp Duty for Limited Companies: The Complete Guide

If you bought a second property through a limited company – or have added to a significant property portfolio in a company partnership – you may have been subjected to paying extra stamp duty.

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Stamp Duty Refunds for Uninhabitable Properties: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’ve just purchased a second home or have just added an exciting buy-to-let investment to a property portfolio, stamp duty land tax is one of the many costs you should keep an eye on. 

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