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Company Overview

We are a team of consultants specialising in the relief of SDLT for un-inhabitable properties based on the recent case ruling of P N Bewley Vs HMRC. In the ruling it was determined that residential property that isn’t suitable for use as a dwelling at the time of completion should be classified for Stamp duty land tax purposes as non-residential.

The Process

We deal with all aspects of clawing back money for the client starting from dealing with the client and their solicitor to obtain the necessary documents to open a case, we compile and asses any relevant information we may be able to find, and we would put together a very thorough and detailed case to present to HMRC, we then deal with all litigation and communication with the HMRC technical team to fight for a positive outcome including representing the client on any queries coming back from the tech team.

At the moment our current turnaround time for a case once we have received all documents from the client up until money has been received in the clients account is approximately 6 weeks.

Risk & Exposure

We have created a process that takes away any risk and exposure from the client, the financial exposure is zero as we are working on a no win – no fee basis, every case we deal with gets sent to HMRC technical department where we liaise with a tech officer, who, if we are successful will approve and sign off on the case.

The risk of a case not going through ultimately can lead to us receiving a closure notice giving us 30 days to supply new or more information or HMRC will close the case on us leaving the client in no worse of a situation than when he started.

Track Record

We have successfully clawed back over £5M and our current success rate is around 93.5%. We are working on a no win – no fee basis and we are selective of what we take on to ensure that any case we take on has viability.

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